An increasing number of countries have begun to use behavioral sciences to shape public policy, and Brazil is among them.

Zeina Afif, Juliana Brescianini, Jimena Llopis |

Cada vez mais países vêm usando ciências comportamentais para moldar políticas públicas, e o Brasil está entre eles.

Zeina Afif, Juliana Brescianini, Jimena Llopis |

Four ministers of social issues from Ecuador recently visited Peru to learn the details of these advances and to discuss how to address the problem of malnutrition in their country.

Nelson Gutiérrez |

Cuatro ministros del área social de Ecuador visitaron recientemente el Perú e intercambiaron experiencias sobre cómo atacar el problema de la desnutrición.

Nelson Gutiérrez |

In March 2019, the World Bank and several other development organizations launched “Stand For Her Land, ” a global advocacy campaign that aims to realize women’s equal access to land and…

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[[tweetable]]Economic progress in East Asia and Pacific (EAP) has greatly contributed to the global reduction of extreme poverty. The more prosperous countries in the region – China, Thailand, and…

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Ecuador is paying more and more attention to data collection and disaster risk management across sectors​. The Cruz-Castro Family searching for their belongings after the 2016 earthquake in…

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Ecuador reconoce la importancia de la información y el compromiso de todos los sectores.   Familia Cruz-Castro tratando de rescatar sus enseres, en una de las casas derruidas luego del terremoto…

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In Brazil, a woman trained through the School of Women Leaders explains to her neighbors what she has learned. Photo: Maria do Carmo Carvalho / Habitat for Humanity [[tweetable]]Despite the fact…

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