The Critical Occupations List in Malaysia monitors occupational shortages and addresses these gaps for the future of the country’s labor market.

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Existe una tendencia mundial que muestra que el nivel de empleo en la agricultura es menor entre las personas más acomodadas, tanto en los países ricos como en los países pobres, y entre las…

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شهدت نسبة العاملين في قطاع الزراعة تراجعا مطردا على مستوى العالم. لكن مجرد النظر إلى المتوسطات العالمية ليس كافيا لفهم هذا الاتجاه نظرا لأن هذا التراجع لم يكن موزعا بصورة متساوية.

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East Asia Pacific’s (EAP) strong economic performance over the past few decades has significantly benefited and empowered women in the region, bringing better health and education and greater…

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Photo: Sarah Farhat/World Bank “To succeed in life, you have to study hard and obtain your diploma with honors so that you can eventually land a high-paying job, ” is what my father would tell me…

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Photo: Sarah Farhat/Banque mondiale « Pour réussir dans la vie, il te faudra bien étudier, obtenir ton diplôme avec mention pour qu’enfin tu puisses décrocher un travail bien payé », voilà ce que…

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My name is Christian Niyomwungere and I will soon graduate from the University of Burundi. It was there, during my years of study, that I became aware of the issue of unemployment.

Christian Niyomwungere |

Je m’appelle Christian Niyomwungere et serai bientôt diplômé de l’université du Burundi. C’est là-bas, pendant mes années d’études, que j’ai pris conscience du problème de l’emploi.

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