The Critical Occupations List in Malaysia monitors occupational shortages and addresses these gaps for the future of the country’s labor market.

Harry Edmund Moroz |

Malaysia has made remarkable progress in reducing poverty, but it is now time for the country to raise official poverty standards as other middle- and high-income countries have done.

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ها هو موسم " العودة للمدرسة" يهل ثانية على 22 مليون طالب في مصر. تولي مصر أهمية كبيرة لتطوير قطاع التعليم، حيث شرعت في سبتمبر/أيلول 2018 في تنفيذ إصلاحات تستهدف تحديث العملية التعليمية،…

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As promising and beneficial as education reforms in Egypt have been, the shift to learning as opposed to “schooling” comes with growing pains and much-needed adjustments for the students, teachers…

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Pour les 22 millions d’élèves égyptiens, l’heure d’une nouvelle rentrée a sonné. En septembre 2018, le gouvernement a engagé des réformes afin de moderniser les apprentissages, améliorer la…

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Protecting ASEAN’s impressive gains over the past two decades will require prioritizing investments in people – that is, human capital.

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With new regulatory reforms in place, Malaysia is set to benefit from faster Internet connections for all its citizens, closing the gap in Internet speed with leading countries.

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As the country gears up to work on its 12th Malaysia Plan, its rich experience in national development planning for the past 60 years provides key lessons to consider.

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Il y a ceux qui prennent le train du numérique et ceux qui restent à quai. À travers des réformes institutionnelles qui tirent parti des avantages de la numérisation, le Machreq peut s’imposer…

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