Many countries around the world are preparing to significantly increase their investments in the use of educational technologies. How might they measure what they are doing -- and compare…

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With new regulatory reforms in place, Malaysia is set to benefit from faster Internet connections for all its citizens, closing the gap in Internet speed with leading countries.

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В сельских районах многих стран Африки к югу от Сахары регистрируется рождение менее 50 процентов детей в возрасте до 5 лет

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In many economies in Sub Saharan Africa, as well as some countries in South Asia, birth registration in rural areas is very low.

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Dans de nombreuses économies d'Afrique subsaharienne, ainsi que dans certains pays d'Asie du Sud, l'enregistrement des naissances dans les zones rurales est très faible.

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يشير تسجيل المواليد إلى قيام الإدارة المعنية أو الحكومة في بلد ما بتسجيل وجود طفل ما تسجيلا رسميا ودائما.

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The course will explore the various changes that result from advances in technology, what this means for the current and future workforce, and how we need to prepare for these changes.

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