24-hour global ‘Econothon’ highlights the World Bank Group’s knowledge and priorities.

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At the World Bank, we are working to tackle the massive problem of marine plastics at the global, regional and country-level.

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The Small Island States Resilience Initiative (SISRI) is working with small island states to build disaster and climate resilience.

Naraya Carrasco, Cindy Patricia Quijada Robles, Lorenzo Piccio |

The industrial sector plays a major role in China's rapid economic development in the past four decades: in 2017, it took up more than 40% of the GDP but was also responsible for more than…

Marcin Piatkowski |

City leaders will gather again at the Urban 20 Mayors Summit in Tokyo, Japan, to continue their conversations and further unlock cities’ tremendous potential in driving inclusive, resilient, and…

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Tobacco taxation in Vietnam: A human capital development imperative

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