A new online platform allows users to assess water demand from various sectors, harness it from every possible source, and plan its use judiciously across India.

Anju Gaur, Vinita Ranade |

En moyenne, une année supplémentaire d'études secondaires réduit de 6 points de pourcentage les chances d'avoir des enfants avant d'atteindre l'âge adulte. 

Divyanshi Wadhwa |

A nivel mundial, la tasa de fecundidad de las adolescentes ha disminuido de 65 nacimientos por cada 1000 mujeres adolescentes en 1990 a 44 nacimientos en 2017, disminución que se asocia…

Divyanshi Wadhwa |

In Africa, young women are over 1.5 times less likely than young men to be formally employed or undergoing education or training

Indhira Santos, Eliana Rubiano-Matulevich |

Bangladesh has made much progress in improving girls’ education. However, despite better enrolment rates, educations outcomes for girls remain inadequate as low and unequal levels of learning…

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ويخفض التقرير تنبؤات البنك الدولي لمعدل النمو العالمي في 2019 إلى 2.6%، وهو أدنى مستوى في ثلاثة أعوام، مع احتمال أن يستقر في نطاق 2.7%-2.8% في 2020-2021.

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To prosper, emerging markets and developing economies need to increase openness, liberalize markets and prices, strengthen laws and regulations that protect property, and allow competition,…

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