Across the globe, studies reveal staggering and terrifying facts on violence against women and girls. Evidence tells us that girls and young women with disabilities may face up to 10 times more…

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Secure land rights play a key role in addressing the climate crisis. Yet billions of peoples’ rights to the lands and resources they live on and manage are unrecognized.

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If we are entering into the 'datafication' of education, countries will need to define rules and to develop new skills to ensure that present and future technology-enhanced education…

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ما الذي تشترك فيه مبادرات مثل التعلم الشخصي والتكيّفي، أو برامج الدردشة من أجل التعليم، أو المترجمين الآليين، أو استخدام تحليلات التعلم التنبؤية؟ إن جميعها مكوّنات "التعليم القائم على…

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В сельских районах многих стран Африки к югу от Сахары регистрируется рождение менее 50 процентов детей в возрасте до 5 лет

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In many economies in Sub Saharan Africa, as well as some countries in South Asia, birth registration in rural areas is very low.

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