Maps tell compelling stories. And they certainly make a compelling case for further investment in digital connectivity in Africa, where $100 billion would be needed to achieve universal broadband…

Roku Fukui, Christopher James Arderne, Tim Kelly |

To harness the full power of the digital economy in Africa, investing in digital skills and education will be critical.

Salah-Eddine Kandri |

Public transport has a key part to play in moving people more sustainably and creating livable, inclusive cities. So why is it getting so little attention?

Gurpreet Singh Sehmi, Javier Morales Sarriera |

The increased availability of free and open satellite imagery is opening a world of new possibilities for the agriculture sector in developing countries.

Annemarie Klaasse, Chris Aubrecht, Erick Fernandes |

When you hear about satellite information in agriculture, you often imagine a farmer driving his tractor in a large field, with the help of a GPS and a fancy display showing the latest satellite…

Annemarie Klaasse, Chris Aubrecht, Erick Fernandes |

The World Bank recently co-organized Sierra Leone's first-ever Resilient Urban Mobility Hackathon, where talented youth came together together to tackle transport challenges through the use…

Fatima Arroyo Arroyo, Xavier Espinet, Dunstan Matekenya |


Cristobal Cobo |

If we are entering into the 'datafication' of education, countries will need to define rules and to develop new skills to ensure that present and future technology-enhanced education…

Cristobal Cobo |

ما الذي تشترك فيه مبادرات مثل التعلم الشخصي والتكيّفي، أو برامج الدردشة من أجل التعليم، أو المترجمين الآليين، أو استخدام تحليلات التعلم التنبؤية؟ إن جميعها مكوّنات "التعليم القائم على…

كريستوبال كوبو |