How can technology improve existing transport modes and create new ways of moving around? To discuss, we checked in with Mr. Amadou Koné, Côte D’Ivoire’s Minister of Transport.

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Dhaka accounts for one-third of the Bangladesh’s total population, one-fifth of national GDP and one-third of all jobs. It is imperative for the country to translate the economic density of Dhaka…

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Migrants and refugees face the same limitations to basic infrastructure and other government services long endured by local communities.

Ivonne Astrid Moreno Horta, Paula Rossiasco |

Los migrantes y los refugiados enfrentan las mismas limitaciones de infraestructura básica y de otros servicios del gobierno que las comunidades locales padecen desde tiempo atrás.

Ivonne Astrid Moreno Horta, Paula Rossiasco |


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Learning to read is an especially critical skill: it opens a world of possibilities, and it’s the foundation on which other essential learning is built—including numeracy and science.

David Malpass |

La lecture est une compétence particulièrement importante à maîtriser : elle élargit le champ des possibles et constitue le socle sur lequel tous les autres apprentissages viendront s’ancrer, y…

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Aprender a leer es una habilidad particularmente esencial, ya que abre un mundo de posibilidades, y es la base de otros conocimientos fundamentales

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إن تعلم القراءة مهارة بالغة الأهمية: فهي تفتح عالماً من الإمكانيات، وهي الأساس الذي يقوم عليه تعلّم غيرها من الموضوعات الضرورية .

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The outsized risk of harassment that women face daily, in turn, affects their decisions whether to take a bus or even whether to get a job.

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