With support from the Government of Japan and the Global Facility for Disaster Risk Reduction, the World Bank and its partners have trained more than 80 Afghan engineers and policymakers in…

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Celebrated in its heyday as the world’s fourth-largest lake, the Aral Sea shrunk dramatically after the two major rivers that fed its waters were diverted in the 1960s to irrigate cotton and rice…

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إننا نواجه تحديات هائلة ومتشابكة، لكن المؤسسة الدولية للتنمية- ومجموعة البنك الدولي بأسرها- ستساعد البلدان الأشد فقرا على مواجهة هذه التحديات ومواصلة سعيها للقضاء على الفقر المدقع.

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We face daunting, interconnected challenges, but IDA – and the entire World Bank Group – will help the poorest countries meet those challenges and continue our drive to end extreme poverty.

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Nous sommes face à des défis massifs et interdépendants, mais l’IDA — et avec elle l’ensemble du Groupe de la Banque mondiale — aidera les pays les plus pauvres à les relever et elle poursuivra…

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Ayudar a los más pobres y vulnerables es la prioridad central de la Asociación Internacional de Fomento (AIF), el fondo de financiamiento en condiciones concesionarias del Banco Mundial dirigido a…

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Akihiko Nishio |