In Nepal, women make up over 90 percent of the agricultural force. Large cardamom is no exception and gives women the opportunity to earn a decent living.

Navya D’Souza |

L’Afrique peut-elle se nourrir ? C’est une question récurrente, surtout lorsque l’on sait qu’en Afrique subsaharienne, un habitant sur cinq (soit 256 millions d’individus) est en situation de…

Dina Umali-Deininger, Jeehye Kim |

Can Africa feed Africa? This question is frequently asked, especially when there are 256 million people (1 in 5) in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) who are critically undernourished.

Dina Umali-Deininger, Jeehye Kim |

You don’t care about the size of the drain on the side of roads? About the type of joints used in water pipes? Or the type of electric poles in front of your home? You’re not alone. Still, the…

Stéphane Hallegatte |