In Afghanistan, a World Bank program aimed at lifting rural households out of extreme poverty has generated remarkable results.

Ceyla Pazarbasioglu |

To prosper, emerging markets and developing economies need to increase openness, liberalize markets and prices, strengthen laws and regulations that protect property, and allow competition,…

David Malpass |

Finance Ministers from Chile and Finland led their counterparts in over 25 countries to endorse six “Helsinki Principles” that promote national climate action, especially through fiscal policy and…

Marcelo Mena Carrasco |

Digital financial services are a gateway for the poor and SMEs to participate in the formal economy. Recent evidence of the impact of fintech as well as its potential going forward is…

Alfonso Garcia Mora |

Alternative data analysis- both quantitative and behavioral - can be used to dramatically bolster financial access around the world.

Sharmista Appaya |

Malaysia is largely seen as a global leader in Islamic Finance and has a strong agenda for green and climate-friendly investments. But this outcome did not happen overnight.

Ahmad Hafiz Abdul Aziz, Wei Zhang |

Talk to any public sector official and you hear a common refrain. Large amounts of private sector financing is needed to bridge the development gap.

Akinchan “Aki” Jain |

Economic literature shows that financial systems support livelihood enhancement and economic development by offering savings, payment, credit and risk management services to households and firms.…

Raian Divanbeigi, Rong Chen |