In Africa, young women are over 1.5 times less likely than young men to be formally employed or undergoing education or training

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Can Africa feed Africa? This question is frequently asked, especially when there are 256 million people (1 in 5) in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) who are critically undernourished.

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The development of many Southern African countries is inextricably linked to the mining sector. Yet the history of mining in Southern Africa, a region marked with high levels of inequality, is…

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African countries have the potential to take advantage of digital technologies. However, to take advantage of this opportunity to secure a better future for all people in African countries,…

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I have been covering South Africa for nearly four years now. I have learned a lot, and I keep learning. One question I had been pondering for a while: in January 2017, we published our 9th South…

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We're thrilled to release five new data notes in collaboration with the International Finance Corporation and Mastercard Foundation Partnership for Financial Inclusion outlining Sub-Saharan…

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Can encouraging women who own informal firms to register their businesses help them increase their use of financial services?

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