24-hour global ‘Econothon’ highlights the World Bank Group’s knowledge and priorities.

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At the G20 Leaders Summit in Japan, World Bank Group President David Malpass stressed reducing inequality and realizing inclusive growth globally.

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To prosper, emerging markets and developing economies need to increase openness, liberalize markets and prices, strengthen laws and regulations that protect property, and allow competition,…

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In the past five years alone, public debt in the poorest countries has increased from 36% of GDP to 51% of GDP.

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When countries accumulate debt beyond sustainable levels, development outcomes are at stake.

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Workshop participants discuss their innovative ideas at the 2017 World Bank Group Youth Summit. © World Bank Without investing in their people, countries cannot sustain economic growth, they will…

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I travel light. Usually a carry-on is all I need for business related travel. Attending the Government Debt Management Strategy Design and Implementation Workshops, organized by World Bank…

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© Thinkstock It was ten years ago, right before the global crisis when Lehman Brothers had not collapsed, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had not been placed into conservatorship. For debt managers…

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