Weekly links September 20: passionate pitches as seen in fMRIs, a different type of brain gain, tinkering with Likert scales, and more...

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A new online platform allows users to assess water demand from various sectors, harness it from every possible source, and plan its use judiciously across India.

Anju Gaur, Vinita Ranade |

The gender pay gap in garment factories in Bangladesh of 8% is a "grade gap": though they enter at the same level, men get promoted faster and thereby paid more.

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The coverage of health care in Afghanistan has improved with the number of health facilities increasing from 598 in 2004 to 2,684 in 2017, indicating that more than 87 percent of the population is…

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Shortening Supply Chains for Fruit and Vegetable Sellers in Colombia – and what we learned about evaluating an early-stage start-up

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Weekly links September 6: Lots of goodies that caught my eye while on August break

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