The Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI) Database team strives to keep it in line with current trends. This time around, in addition to redesigning the website and easing its ability to…

Deblina Saha, Fatouma Toure Ibrahima |

There’s a strong emphasis on “quality infrastructure” afoot and we emphatically support it, as the focus plays a fundamental role as governments seek to deliver on their economic, social, and…

Christina Paul, Jack Handford |

With new regulatory reforms in place, Malaysia is set to benefit from faster Internet connections for all its citizens, closing the gap in Internet speed with leading countries.

Siddhartha Raja, Richard Record |

Participants from the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Romania, Uzbekistan, and Saudi Arabia visited Singapore to build knowledge, skills, and solutions to improve sustainable urban management.…

James Tay |

The journey towards sustainable development is affordable, if countries work together, and raising financing for infrastructure should not be complicated. You can consider these four questions…

Jyoti Bisbey |

As the country gears up to work on its 12th Malaysia Plan, its rich experience in national development planning for the past 60 years provides key lessons to consider.

Deryck Brown, Jeevakumar Govindasamy |

The rising importance of environment, social and governance factors in infrastructure investment decisions isn’t new. Why does negative views persist?

Steven Hong |