One thing villages in Pacific Island countries can do is to organize the farmers to cultivate the land of participating farmers collectively,  increasing manpower and thus improving productivity.…

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The physical reconstruction of Aceh is amazing, but more importantly, livelihoods have been restored.

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The Wall Against Hunger at the World Food Programme.

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Chinese farmers prospered under the return to the household responsibility system. Nationwide, grain production jumped 20 percent as a result of strengthened incentives.

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Pictures with my students in the spring of 1986. The lives of college students in China have since changed tremendously. This month marks the 30th anniversary of the launching of China's…

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In my last post, I discussed how emerging Asia is getting hit by the financial storm and the early signs of stress in the financial systems across the region. The intensity of this storm appears…

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"The East Asia and Pacific Region has not been spared the full fury of the economic storm." – East Asia & Pacific Update

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Much that remains of Beichuan, China from the earthquake, is buried – reclaimed by the environment. It has been seven months since the Wenchuan Earthquake devastated Sichuan Province and I have…

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In the last decade, conditional cash transfer (CCT) programs are probably the key social policy innovation around the world and in the East Asia and Pacific region. The targeted programs offer…

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Upon releasing its half-yearly economic report of East Asia and Pacific early today, the World Bank is forecasting slower growth and intensifying economic turmoil in the region’s developing…

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