The blog presents six charts related to the 2019 Commodity Markets Outlook.

John Baffes, Peter Nagle |

Energy commodity prices dropped nearly 4% in October, led by crude oil (-4.6%) and Natural gas in the U.S. (-10%), the World Bank Pink Sheet reported.

John Baffes, Maria Hazel Macadangdang |

Transport can play an important role in conflict mitigation and securing peace by connecting at-risk populations, and rebuilding social cohesion by better integrating marginalized communities.

Guangzhe CHEN, Franck Bousquet |

The global forecast for oil production in 2019 has been repeatedly revised downward over the last year and a half amid weakening demand for oil. 

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In the last twenty years, the dynamics of fragility, conflict and crises around the world have become more complex. Violent conflict has become increasingly transnational and protracted. To meet…

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According to the latest available purchasing power parity (PPP) data, China’s gross domestic product (GDP) in PPP terms overtook the USA’s in 2013, and now accounts for nearly 19% of the global…

Edie Purdie |

World Bank and UNHCR: Using open data to drive evidence-based responses to support refugees and their hosts

Björn Gillsäter |

In countries affected by fragility, conflict, and violence, the private sector plays a critical role in providing jobs and income. Inclusive and sustainable economic growth can also help heal…

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We are excited to host a two-day conference that will bring together more than 40 government representatives from 12 countries to explore how to maximize the impact of community-driven development…

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