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What makes a city competitive?

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What do the cities Bandung, Bucaramanga, Izmir, Kigali, Patna, and Agadir have in common? They are all cities that have outperformed their national economies and are growing jobs. The World Bank's urban development and private sector development departments are jointly working on a new knowledge base on Competitive Cities. The project includes in-depth case studies of economically successful cities across all continents, beginning with the six listed above. What makes these particular cities so interesting? Read the team's blog to find out. Can you help guide our work? What types of insights and guidance would be helpful to making your city more successful?


Submitted by Abha Joshi Ghani on

Megha- read with great interest. I like the focus on secondary/emerging cities since these will be the cities absorbing most of the rapid urbanization and should therefore be leading contributors to growth. Look forward to understanding what drives competitiveness in these emerging cities and what can other cities learn.

Thanks Abha for your comment! We find that secondary and smaller cities do seem to grow faster, in terms of GDP and of population (even though they hardly ever overtake primary cities). Do watch this space for more blogs, policy briefs, papers and seminar announcements in the next few weeks and months as the competitive cities team begins to finalize and disseminate additional findings. Best, Megha

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