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Dan, I was redirected here from your LinkedIn profile. I was amused by "Civil was a discipline, not a character trait". Next regarding lack of discussion on Solid Waste, I'm working with the Clinton Global Initiative and we're planning to write a paper on the impacts of solid waste management on different aspects of public life. Malaria is also in the list in some places of the world (which is not very intuitive speaking about SWM)! And we're planning to discuss only the impacts to create awareness rather than trying to suggest solutions and sidetrack required discussion! Regarding Air Pollution: In Mumbai alone, open burning of MSW releases 23,000 tons every year (tons and not kilos) of particulate matter, hydrocarbons (includes dioxins and furans), carbon monoxide, and sulfur oxides. and this is in just one city! check this picture ( to see how its effecting the residents (in this picture a school going boy) in Hyderabad city in India. It definitely needs more discussion -Ranjith