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Dan, thanks so much for this post. I am a friend of Jean Luc and Annie who spent a year in your project in Haiti, and your words will definitely be appreciated. I've forwarded your post to them. I wanted to point out that different EWBs around the world have different approaches to development, and that although "getting things done" is important, HOW we are getting them done is of utmost importance. The approach Jean Luc and Annie took is reflective of the values of EWB Canada. We have a failure report to learn on what works and what doesn't ( and We strongly believe that co-creating innovations with local institutions, and investing in local leaders (the HOW) is what makes a difference in the relevancy, appropriateness and durability of interventions. In fact, it's also what makes it possible to become systemic, and diffuse through broken markets. You mentioned that what will remain in Haiti is the change created from Jean Luc and Annie engaging with the local officers. I believe that as well. Yet I haven't heard the details of the project that will be supported by WBG so far. It's not an EWB Canada project for what I know (I'm director of EWB's African programs) so I'd love to hear exactly HOW the project being funded will be carried out, so that I can lend my engineer's mind to providing feedback on whether it has a chance to create lasting and positive change at a systemic level :) Thanks again for this post! Boris