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Submitted by Vitti Valenzuela on

Hi. I am trying to download the article using the link but it seems not 'free' anymore. Is there another way to access the full article? Currently finishing up a PhD thesis on low-income housing in Naga City, Philippines and the study seems to be relevant literature.

Just a first thought. 'Success' would have to be checked though with the initial intent of sites-and-services projects. The projects showcased the 'low-income housing strategy' of the World Bank in the 1970s and thus was supposed to cater to the poor. SS was supposed to replace public housing which was the default response of states to the poor's demands for housing, other than slum clearance. On this aspect and the time-frame in which the World Bank was expecting benefits to materialize, SS were not.

But in another aspect, your study has a point - on the dynamism over neighborhoods over time. The poor do not stay poor forever, or they may have just been eased out through gentrification or for some other reason. As I have no access to the study, I could not comment further. It would be interesting to know whether the study included case studies of households that have been there from the start and how local politics and relationships shaped the way these SS are right now.