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Submitted by Robert Merrill on

As one of the pioneers of Sites and Services (S/S as we called it in the '70s), I was extremely gratified to come across your blog. Having done my dissertation on Chile's national S/S program (Operation Sitio) in the '60s, and subsequently designed and implemented a national WB S/S cum upgrading progam in Tanzania in the '70s, while others such as Richard Martin did so in Zambia and Nairobi, I was happy to see the concept persist in Indonesia (KIP-Kampung Improvement). However, attempts at S/S were overcome in the Philippines due largely to politics and private land ownership in the Marcos era. Along with other pioneers (Jerry Erbach, Roy Brockman (ADB), and others, we're still trying to keep it alive through ger (read yurts) area upgrading in Mongolia...even in -40C weather! FYI, in addition to Bob Buckley, there's some of us still around: Alberto Harth (El Salvador), Alain Bertaud (Bertaud Model), etc. etc....just check out some of the old WB S/S Appraisal documents.
Thanks so much for documenting the work in India!