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Submitted by Aparna Zaveri on

What a fantastic post! and the comments make it all the more relevant.
Incrementalism has always been the 'way of the humans' their settlements as well as in other aspects of their life. Strategies like sites and services take time not just because populating an area is a complex process but also because eventually, a city will naturally expand into those far flung areas where these projects are. For those who might be interested in incrementality, a strategy of the Karnataka Housing Board in India also provides a great case study. They provide sites of different sizes based on a lottery system for residents who have lived in the area for more than 10 years. These projects are increasingly becoming rare in the bigger metro areas but in their heyday were immensely successful in bringing together people from all income groups with a fantastic sense of community and belonging.
The IFC recently launched a good practice tool to enable such inclusive communities to be built, currently aimed at private developers, working in affordable housing. It is called the Affordable and Socially Sustainable Housing Application (ASHA).
Thank you again for bringing to the forefront a strategy that has worked to increase the stock of desperately needed decent housing at the same time serving to build community.