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  • Reply to: Pipeline to Work: Including persons with disabilities in skills development and employment projects   2 days 17 hours ago

    Thank you for your comment,Jafaru. You are absolutely correct in pointing out that 15% is a large population group and that the disability impact often extends to the family. This is most apparent when it comes to the hidden costs of disability which vary from being huge i.e. unpaid family care to the more mundane everyday costs related to the needs of some persons with disabilities. On the assistive devices and technologies you are spot on. There is so much potential to use accessible ICT in e-governance, Smart cities and as an education tool.

  • Reply to: A road by any other name: street naming and property addressing system in Accra, Ghana   4 days 11 hours ago

    What I have noticed in Accra is that there are multiple different street names-- names on shiny new signs and names on Google Maps.

    As someone who has lived in Accra for a year, I would welcome a taxi navigation system.
    This system will need some serious training and some free data for drivers.

    Uber has been here for a while and, in my experience, the few Uber drivers that exist have difficulty reading their GPS on their phones and often simply do not want to spend their data on the GPS. Needless to say, most take forever to find you and, if they do manage to pick you up, have to ask you where you are going and ask how to get there --as if they don't have that information on their mobile phone!

    If you've taken a few taxis in Accra, you'll quickly realize that drivers basically know how to get to an from the airport, to the US Embassy, and to the top four or five hotels. That's it. If you need to go anywhere else--even major/popular restaurants and cafes, you often have to direct them, turn by turn.

    Regarding properties and lands, I think Accra is stuck. Land titles are so informal, insecure, and poorly regulated. This is one of the biggest land use problems in Ghana.

    This post describes the problem.

  • Reply to: Five reasons cities should take a leading role on food waste   1 week 3 days ago

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  • Reply to: Pipeline to Work: Including persons with disabilities in skills development and employment projects   1 week 4 days ago

    I'm so Somali citizen. I'm physically disabled person, when i was 5 years i suffered a polio disease which made me to become physically disabled, although i live with disability, i struggled to learn as much as i can so recently i graduated from SIMAD university Somalia. know i'm bachelor degree holder and yet i didn't get any job due to luck of job opportunities for person with disability in somalia. U know living with disability a country like somalia is very difficult. So i request the world bank to support me and people with disabilities in somalia.
    I will be welcomed if a world bank offer me a job opportunity to advance my fortune

  • Reply to: Securing land rights for all is key to building disaster-resilient communities   1 week 6 days ago
    Dear Vinicius, thank you for your comment! You may be interested in reading this story: Thank you. ~Andy / Editor