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  • Reply to: Electric Car Craze   1 week 2 days ago

    I really do believe in electric cars. The problem at the moment is that the cost of technology has been passed down to the actual price of the car.

  • Reply to: Smart Cities for Dummies   1 week 2 days ago

    Hi Dan, I came across your article while searching for smart cities, you have beautifully sum up here what make up a city that is smart. I particularly agree that poor cities can adopt smart cities idea.

    Since cities not countries will be driving economic development and steering towards sustainability, it is only relevant that it should invest in making it smart. My only doubt is how can this be adopted in cities in developing countries. For instance, in Indian cities some have advance IT and even hub of technology but it lacks good governance to drive towards smart cities, the biggest flaws is lack of basic services.

    In Delhi there are local residents group set up to monitor and be accountable for residential cluster. It was a good initiative and initially promising but now it is under performing. Would you consider population size as an advantage or disadvantage in trying to make cities smart? With the ever growing and huge population pressure like Delhi, I have doubts in big cities ever becoming a smart city.

  • Reply to: What makes a city competitive?   5 months 2 days ago
    Thanks Abha for your comment! We find that secondary and smaller cities do seem to grow faster, in terms of GDP and of population (even though they hardly ever overtake primary cities). Do watch this space for more blogs, policy briefs, papers and seminar announcements in the next few weeks and months as the competitive cities team begins to finalize and disseminate additional findings. Best, Megha
  • Reply to: What makes a city competitive?   5 months 3 days ago

    Megha- read with great interest. I like the focus on secondary/emerging cities since these will be the cities absorbing most of the rapid urbanization and should therefore be leading contributors to growth. Look forward to understanding what drives competitiveness in these emerging cities and what can other cities learn.

  • Reply to: Seoul Goes Local in Development   10 months 2 days ago
    Thanks for your comment Asangla. I completely agree and this was the central message of the blog post as well - how do you push through long term sustainable policies perhaps at the cost of shorter term gains.