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  • Reply to: Enhancing urban resilience in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia   1 week 1 day ago

    Dear Sotomayor:
    Thank you so much for the video. This video is yet another testimony of Ethiopian officials land grab from Oromo farmers. The impact of Ethiopian land use policy need to be examined both at Macro and Micro level. The land is a commodity that few ruling party members are garbing illegally from farmers depriving their livelihood and their family's future. This is happening in major cities in the county, in particular in Oromia state.

    This far more than 150 Oromo students killed while peacefully protesting. How come this is not taken under consideration in your study. What is the impact of land use policy and who is benefiting from the policy?

    On the other side there is a false narrative about Ethiopia - Ethiopia rising. Its GDP growing. See the attached "Ethiopia: Ban Urges World to Support Ethiopia's Efforts to Battle Worst Drought in 30 Years (1/31/16)". The county is in a worst famine year to year. You can't help your family from abroad depriving them of food for political servitude. The country couldn't feed its people. The ruling party is enriching itself. All of ruling party kids are in foreign schools at the expense of government. Where is a hope for democracy when the opposition party members and journalists are silenced and let die in prison.

    It is my sincere request that world bank look into its narrative about Ethiopia from factual on the ground perspective. Thank you so much,

  • Reply to: With MetroLab, urban agglomerations from developed and developing countries tackle challenges together   3 weeks 9 hours ago

    Dear Ede and Victor
    Congratulations on the innovative Metro Labs and making it an important part of South-South Knowledge Exchange and peer learning. I attended the Metro Lab at its start in New York in April 2013 and then in Bangkok in 2015. It has truly developed into a powerful platform for the cities to learn from each other around the most pressing issues in metropolitan development. The team including all the TTLs of our urban projects in these cities have done a tremendous job. LLI is very proud to support the Metro lab through its programmatic, multi-year South-South knowledge exchange, from its very inception. Also there has been tremendous commitment and knowledge partnership from the Regional Planning Association, New York(Bob Yaro and Tom Wright), KRIHS, Korea, and the cities of Barcelona and Paris as well as the Ford Foundation. An excellent model to follow for other Global Practices. Congratulations to the urban team!

  • Reply to: Enhancing urban resilience in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia   4 weeks 7 hours ago

    Very interesting framework to define risks in cities. A framework on financing is a task still on going within international community.

  • Reply to: From plastic to pavement: Another example of creative waste management   2 months 1 week ago

    I am from National Transportation Planning and Research Centre, Trivandrum, Kerala, India. We have constructed seven demonstration stretches of length less than a kilometer each and evaluated the performance periodically and found to be very promising. We have got a shredder in our office and the plastic was collected , cleaned and shredded in house for use on roads.The results were published also.

  • Reply to: Helping cities finance sustainable urban development   3 months 6 days ago

    The development of new networks of local authorities is important to invest in risk reduction activities and take the agenda of social sustainability and urban drinking water and sanitation Happy Sustainability 2015