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Alexandria Valerio

Lead Education Specialist

Alexandria Valerio is a Lead Education Specialist on the 2018 World Development Report team. She has over 20 years of experience leading and managing large-scale research projects and senior-level client relationships in education and training. This includes leading several of the Bank’s flagship global engagement programs, including the STEP Skills Measurement Program and SABER Workforce Development. In the past, Alexandria was responsible for the Bank’s education policy dialogue and lending portfolios in the Latin America and the Caribbean region (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Panama), as well as in Angola and Mozambique. Her published work includes peer‐reviewed papers and reports on the measurement and impacts of skills mismatch; the role of cognitive, socioemotional and job-relevant skills on labor market outcomes; the effectiveness of entrepreneurship education and training programs; the cost and financing of early childhood education; the impact of school fees; and the role of school health programs to prevent HIV/AIDS in school-age populations. She is currently a Global Lead for the Skills Global Solutions Group, a core member of the global inter-agency group on Technical Vocational Education and Training/Skills, and a member of the technical working group on Human Resource Development for the G20. Alexandria holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Education and Economics of Education from Columbia University and a master’s degree in Public Administration in Economic Development Policy from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University.