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Arnaud Braud and Vincent Launay
Arnaud Braud
Arnaud is a Senior Infrastructure Finance Specialist at the World Bank where he structures financial instruments and guarantees to mitigate risks for energy projects. His main focus is on renewable projects, particularly solar and storage, which Arnaud believes will soon constitute most of our power system. Arnaud is currently leading the implementation of World Bank guarantees for renewable projects in Argentina, Zambia, Madagascar, and Maldive.

Vincent Launay
As an Infrastructure Finance Specialist at the World Bank, Vincent has been working on large infrastructure projects in developing countries such as the $8 billion Sankofa gas project in Ghana, which the World Bank supported with a $500 million payment guarantee. In addition to his long time engagement in Ghana, Vincent supported Benin's efforts to refinance $450 million of short term domestic debt with the support of policy-based guarantees. Vincent is also the author of the Pricing Partially-Guaranteed bonds paper. He holds a Master's in Finance from HEC Paris and he is a CFA Charterholder.