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Brian Blankespoor

Environmental Specialist

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Brian Blankespoor is an Environmental Specialist in the Development Data Group. His professional interests are in the spatial aspects of data and its applications to international development.  He is the Team Lead of GAIA - Geospatial Analytics, Integration and Applications – Team working on geospatial development data, methods and spatial models for survey and economic analysis.  Over the past 10 years at the World Bank, his command of geospatial, computational methods and economics that is coupled with cross-cutting sector experience have contributed to many projects across sectors and regions. He is an author of articles in peer reviewed journals, specifically on issues of the environment, transboundary water, transport and economic geography. Prior to the World Bank, he held analytical positions in the private sector and World Wildlife Fund. He holds a M.Sc. in Applied Economics from The Johns Hopkins University, a M.Sc. in Geography from Oregon State University and a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Calvin College.