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Caroline Kende-Robb

Executive Director, Africa Progress Panel

Caroline Kende-Robb is the Executive Director of the Africa Progress Panel, a foundation Chaired by Kofi Annan. She is currently on External Assignment from the World Bank.

Prior to joining the Africa Progress Panel, Caroline worked at the World Bank for ten years as a sector manager and technical specialists for the Sustainable Development Network in the regions of Africa, Europe and Central Asia, and East Asia and the Pacific. Caroline began her career in management for five years in the private sector. She then worked for the EU and The Gambian Government as a Business and Community Development Advisor based in a small fishing village. Consequently, Caroline was the West Africa Field Director for a civil society organization called Africa Now, and then the Poverty Alleviation Manager for the UNDP in The Gambia.

Before joining the World Bank, Caroline spend seven years at the IMF. Caroline is part of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Africa. She is a Board member of Mara Online, an Advisor to CAMFED, a CSO focused on the education of girls in Africa, and an Ambassador for Protect African Lions. She is the author of many publications including, “Can the Poor Influence Policy?” a book co-published by the World Bank and the IMF. She holds a BA (Hons) in Geography and MSc in Social Policy from the London School of Economics.