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Carter Borden

‎Water Resources Specialist and CEO at ‎pSiFlow Technology, Inc

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Dr. Borden has a broad background in water resource management and natural sciences with over 25 years of experience in hydraulic, hydrologic, fluvial geomorphic, hydro-economic, and environmental research and consulting.  Dr. Borden’s water resource management experience includes developing decision support systems for water allocation management, reservoir optimization and operations, conjunctive use of ground/surface water planning, drought management, and climate change adaptation; assessing water resource sustainability; and conducting hydrologic, hydraulic, hydrogeologic, sediment routing, and water quality studies for baseline characterization, design development, and policy formation.  Dr. Borden is currently involved in developing and applying the integrated Hydro-Ecological Assessment Tool (iHEAT), conducting water-energy-food security studies, and advancing crowdsourcing solutions to address water quality issues.