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Catherine Yan Wang

Consultant, Education Sector, World Bank

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Catherine Yan Wang is senior specialist and coordinator of international programs at the National Institute of Education Sciences of China. Her research areas cover education policy, education reform, social studies of education, international studies, comparative education and research methodology. In cooperation with international organization, government agencies and research institutions, she has designed and implemented more than 30 qualitative and quantitative research projects on various education topics, among others, she was chief investigator of the World Bank Project “Case Development and Paper on Institutional Learning and Catalyzing Reforms for Growth and Poverty Reduction”. She has authored, co-authored and edited numerous articles, reports, journal and books, including 12 journal articles, and she is editor of the book “Education Policy Reform Trends in G20 Members”. In her prior role, she was consultant at the World Bank and curriculum specialist and coordinator of international programs at Beijing Education Research Institute. She holds a Ph.D. of education policy, administration and social studies from the University of Hong Kong.