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Daria Taglioni

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Senior Trade Economist
Daria Taglioni is a senior economist in the International Trade Unit of The World Bank. She has more than 10 years of experience in economic policy analysis, working on issues of international competitiveness, globalization, and the links between financial markets and trade. Prior to joining the World Bank, Ms. Taglioni worked at the European Central Bank, and at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. She holds a PhD in International Economics from the Graduate Institute, Geneva. Daria’s recent work includes “Firms and the Global Crisis: French exports in the turmoil. With J.C. Bricongne, L.Fontagne, G. Gaulier and V. Vicard. 2012. Journal of International Economics; Exporter dynamics, firm size and growth, and partial year effects. 2013. With A. Bernard, R, Massari, and J.D.Reyes.World Bank Policy Research Working Paper; “In the Wake of the Global Crisis: Evidence from a New Quarterly Database of Export Competitiveness. 2013. With G. Gaulier, G. Santoni and S. Zignago World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Series 6733; and “Joining, upgrading and being competitive in global value chains: a strategic framework”. 2013. With O. Cattaneo, G. Gereffi and S. Miroudot World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Series 6406; and “Innocent Bystanders: How Foreign Uncertainty Shocks Harm Exporters. 2012”. With V. Zavacka World Bank Policy Research Series 6711.
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