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Ditte Fallesen

Senior Operations Officer

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Ditte Fallesen started her carrier at the World Bank in 2007 first in the Post-Conflict Unit and later moved to the Fragile States unit in OPCS, where she supported the State- and Peace-Building Fund, support for fragile states teams/CMUs and various trainings. In 2010 she joined the Afghanistan CMU and moved to Kabul in 2011 to manage the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) and, as part of that, the ARTF third party monitoring program. She spent part of her time on general CMU support and portfolio quality assurance and management. After almost 4 years in Kabul, Ditte moved to GSURR, where she joined the South Asia Disaster Risk & Climate Change Unit, continuing her focus on countries affected by fragility, including Afghanistan Nepal and Pakistan.