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Eduardo Levy Yeyati

Founder and CEO of the research firm Elypsis

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Eduardo Levy Yeyati is the founder and CEO of the research firm Elypsis ( and a professor of economics at Universidad de Buenos Aires and Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (UTDT), as well as a research associate at the UTDT Center for Financial Research (which he directed between 1999 and 2007) and at Harvard’s Center for International Development. Pro bono, he advises the Office of the Chief of Staff of the President, chairs the National Production Council and is a member of the Advisory Board of ANSES.
In the past, Eduardo was Visiting Professor of Public Policy at the Harvard’s School of Government, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, President of the Board at CIPPEC (pro bono), Head of Research for Latin America and Head of Strategy for Emerging Markets at Barclays Capital, Senior Financial Advisor for Latin America at the World Bank and Chief Economist of the Central Bank of Argentina.
In 2015 he received the Centennial Prize of the Argentina’s Academy of Economic Sciences, and in 2007 the Robert Kennedy Visiting Professorship at Harvard. His academic work is ranked in the first place among economists in Argentina by the RePEc system. In Spanish, he published three essays, including the recent “Porvenir: Pathways to Argentine development” (Sudamericana, 2015), and two novels (both at Random House Mondadori). He is a regular contributor to newspapers Perfil and La Nacion, and to the academic portal VoxEU. In 2013 and 2014 he hosted Tasas Chinas, a radio program on economics and politics.