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Eva M. Gutiérrez is a Lead Financial Sector Specialist in the Europe and Central Asia Region of the World Bank and leads the State Owned Financial Institutions Community of Practice of the World Bank. She was formerly a Program Leader for Equitable Growth and Institutions for Mexico and Colombia and a Lead Financial Sector Specialist in the Latin America Region.

Eva wide knowledge of Financial Systems, particularly Latin American having led numerous Financial Sector Assessment Programs, a joint IMF-World Bank review of a country financial system. She has work on State-owned Bank reform in many countries and also led several projects to strengthen financial safety nets and to monitor and manage systemic risk. She has published several articles on various financial topics including how to manage micro-systemic risk, macro prudential tools, supervision and regulation of dollarized banking systems, surveillance of derivatives, foreign bank lending behavior during crisis, reforming development and cooperative banks, and impact evaluation of public partial credit guarantee funds.

Prior to joining the World Bank she worked for at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), with a focus on macro-financial issues. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Boston University and a Masters in Financial Economics by the Center for Monetary and Financial Studies (CEMFI).