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Federica Saliola

Program Manager, Global Indicators Department, Development Economics Vice-Presidency.
Federica Saliola became Program Manager in November 2012. She is responsible for developing benchmarking programs that measure laws, regulations and regulatory processes that are critical for private sector companies when entering and operating in the market. The unit that she manages, Special Initiatives, comprises a number global indicator data sets, including Benchmarking the Business of Agriculture, Benchmarking Public Procurement, Benchmarking Public-Private partnerships Procurement and Foreign Direct Investment Regulations. Prior to this, Federica Saliola was the Program Coordinator of World Bank Group's Enterprise Surveys project. Enterprise Surveys provide the world's most comprehensive company-level data for emerging markets and developing economies. Federica holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Rome III. Her previous research focused on comparative analysis of measurements of policy and regulatory issues, business environment, firm productivity, and private sector development.