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Irina Schuman

Senior Agriculture Specialist

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Irina Schuman is a Senior Agriculture Economist in the Agriculture Global Practice, working primarily on agriculture policies and institutions. She has led reimbursable advisory service programs that were instrumental to modernizing policy-making and agricultural administrations in high and middle income countries (e.g. Cyprus, Romania), through the introduction of strategic planning and innovative information systems. She has also worked extensively on agriculture policy analyses and public expenditure reviews in a wide range of countries in Europe, Central Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to joining the World Bank, Irina was the Evaluation Manager of the European Evaluation Network for Rural Development, a Brussels-based organization supporting the European Commission. In that capacity, she was in charge of developing harmonized methodologies, tools and approaches for the evaluation of nearly 100 rural development programs across the European Union, totaling EUR 100 billion in public support over 2007-2013.