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Javier Sanchez-Reaza

Senior Urban specialist, Jobs, World Bank
Javier Sanchez-Reaza is currently a Senior Urban Specialist and Team Leader at the World Bank. He was previously the Head of the Urban Development Programme at the OECD, and previously an OECD Economist, where he drafted and/or coordinated reviews and papers in cities and regions in Canada, Chile, China, Mexico, Italy, Korea, Poland, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Turkey and the US, as well as papers for the European Union and the IDB. Sanchez-Reaza is a trained economist with 20 years of experience in economic and regional analysis, holds a PhD in Regional Economics from the London School of Economics, and Master's degrees in Business Economics as well as Regional and Urban Planning. His prior working experience has been on fiscal issues at Mexico's Ministry of Finance, and on firms' technological modernization and innovation with Mexico's National Council for Science and Technology. As a regional civil servant, he has experience on industrial cluster development and FDI attraction, as well as on setting regional development agencies in northern Mexico. As a scholar, he has been a professor and researcher in the UK (University of Surrey Roehampton), the USA (the University of Texas at El Paso), Mexico (Centre for Economic Research and Teaching-CIDE), and France (Sciences Po) teaching macroeconomics, econometrics, environmental economics and regional development.
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