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Jim Anderson

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Senior Governance Specialist
James Anderson (Jim) is currently a Senior Governance Specialist working on Vietnam where he recently led the preparation of Vietnam Development Report 2010—Modern Institutions. With support from UK-DFID through the GAPAP trust fund, Jim's work in Vietnam focuses on a range of governance issues, including access to information, transparency, anticorruption, and human rights. Prior to joining the team in Vietnam, Jim worked on governance in the transition countries of central and eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. He co-led the 2005 round of the BEEPS survey of enterprises and co-authored several regional studies including two installments in the Anticorruption in Transition series and Judicial Systems in Transition Economies, as well as survey-based country studies on governance and corruption in Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, the Kyrgyz Republic and other countries. Jim’s earlier work focused on the informal sector and the impacts of privatization in Mongolia where he lived in the mid-1990s. A confirmed “governance data junkie”, he is making no effort to kick the habit. He received his PhD in Economics from the University of Maryland. Jim also contributes to the Governance for Development blog.