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Jocelyne Jabbour

Program Assistant/Operations at the World Bank

Jocelyne Jabbour, currently based in the World Bank Office in Beirut, Lebanon, supports the procurement unit and the operations of World Bank projects in MENA region, in particular, lending projects in Iraq. Jocelyne holds a joint MBA from University of Cumbria in England and Robert Kennedy College in Switzerland, a Bachelor of Private and Public Law from Saint Joseph University in Beirut, and a Diploma of International Relations from the London School for Economics and Political Science.
Jocelyne has received different awards since she joined the Bank: a SPOT Award for her leading role in promote the MENA Network of Public Procurement Experts; an Award of Excellence in Leadership and Teamwork; the VPU Team award for her Outstanding Work in the Iraq Emergency Operations for Development Project; and a SPOT Award for her leading role in rolling the new procurement system of the Bank (STEP) globally.