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Joel Reyes

Senior Institutional Development Specialist

Joel Reyes is a senior institutional development specialist, with more than 20 years of experience in the World Bank education sector (in Latin America, South Asia, Africa and in the Middle East).   His professional interests reflect the complexity of change in social ecologies, across human, community and organizational development.  His academic background has cut across these different human and social levels with graduate level work (MAs) in international development, organizations and change management, and (clinical) counseling.   After a successful career as a development practitioner, his doctorate studies in resilience in education systems seek to integrate both research and practice regarding the processes for performance and growth in challenging contexts.  He has developed the World Bank’s education resilience program, which focuses on the assets (strengths and opportunities) of individuals, communities and organizations to recover from adversity, and his team has designed a set of research tools to conduct rapid assessments with mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative).   His area of expertise is in school-based management and community participation, not only as an effective and efficient education management strategy, but as the foundation of education sector contributions to social transformations in contexts of adversity.