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John Corbett

Agricultural Climatologist

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John Corbett, Ph.D., is an agricultural climatologist and the co-founder and CEO of aWhere, Inc. After graduating with honors from Dartmouth College, then earning a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, John focused his career on growing a repertoire of applied temporal-spatial applications in agricultural meteorology as part of a scalable, enterprise, location intelligence platform. 

aWhere maintains a global resource of high-resolution daily observed weather data and provides localized weather forecasts and agronomic, localized ‘smart content’ for anywhere in the world. With 25+ years working in agriculture and international development, John now leads a team that includes software experts, agricultural scientists, and business leaders leveraging technology to deliver actionable, timely, location specific information meeting a wide spectrum of needs across the agricultural value chain. Working closely with national and international organizations in the United States, Kenya, Switzerland, and Mexico, John built and managed systems to utilize geo-analytics and real-time data and information to increase positive outcomes across the agricultural value chain. Leveraging this expertise, John identified a major need in the marketplace that became the framework for aWhere’s products.

Prior to aWhere, John worked with Syngenta as Head of Global GIS; at Texas A&M’s Blackland Research Center; with ICRAF – Nairobi; and with CIMMYT – Mexico.