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José-Luis Peydró

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José-Luis Peydró is Professor of Economics at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Professor of Banking at Cass Business School, and CEPR Research Fellow. His research interests are on the intersection between Banking and Macroeconomics, including Systemic Risk. He has published his research in the leading journals as American Economic Review, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Finance, and Econometrica. He has been consultant in 2012-13 for the IMF, Federal Reserve Board, ECB, is currently advisor in the Financial Stability department of Bank of Spain, and has presented his research in seminars in leading universities such as Harvard and MIT. He has a PhD in Finance from INSEAD and a Master in Economics from CEMFI. He has the National Award (Premio Nacional) given by the Government of Spain for the highest GPA nationwide for the B.A. in Economics in 1997 in Spain.

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