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Jutta Kern

Acting Country Director for Mexico and Colombia

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Jutta Kern was appointed as Operations Manager for Mexico and Colombia in 2015, and since then she oversees the portfolio of the two countries, based in Mexico City. She is an expert on monitoring and evaluation in low-income countries with high level of indebtedness and countries in fragile and conflict situations. For the World Bank’s Africa region, she was based for three years in Zambia and Mozambique.

Previous to her work at the World Bank (2007), she worked in academia as Assistant Professor at the University of Vienna and later headed the unit for General Management and Corporate Programs at Danube University Krems. In addition, Jutta was the Deputy Director of the Office of Science and Technology at the Austrian Embassy in Washington, DC for five years, starting in 2002. She holds a Doctorate (1997) and a Master’s (1993) degree in Sociology from the University of Vienna, Austria.