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Ken Chomitz

Senior Advisor, Independent Evaluation Group

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Ken Chomitz is a Senior Advisor in the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank and a coauthor of the World Development Report 2016 on Digital Development.  Previously he was with the Bank’s Development Research Group. Chomitz’s work has focused on global environmental issues and on monitoring and evaluation. At IEG he led three major evaluations of the Bank Group’s work on climate change, and chaired the Independent Evaluation of the Climate Investment Funds. He was a coauthor of the Bank’s World Development Report 2003: Sustainable Development in a Dynamic World and author of At Loggerheads? Agricultural Expansion, Poverty Reduction and Environment in the Tropical Forests. Chomitz was a pioneer in econometric modeling of deforestation using remote sensing data. He has published articles on economic issues related to deforestation, biodiversity, and climate change, and has also worked on issues related to health, population, and labor. Chomitz holds a degree in mathematics from MIT and a PhD in Economics from the University of California, Irvine. Prior to joining the World Bank, he was a National Research Council Fellow at the U.S. National Academy of Sciences; Assistant Professor of Economics at Boston University; and Senior Advisor with the Development Studies Project, a policy research institute associated with the Indonesian National Development Planning Board.