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Lucia Nass

Lucia Nass
Lucia Nass is an independent consultant specialising in empowering local governance processes. She has gained over 25 years of experience in a variety of sectors, including agriculture, water and sanitation, rural energy, rural roads and pro-poor tourism. She is committed to gender mainstreaming.
Lucia has been involved with long term capacity development programs, and is currently working with the Ethiopia Social Accountability Program ( She has designed, facilitated and evaluated Organisational Development and Multi-Actor Development processes. She has trained and coached managers and advisors in civil society, public and private sector organisations, and has built change facilitation capacity in national training and knowledge institutes. Lucia increasingly uses social media for networked learning and change processes. She has worked from a home base in Bhutan, Ghana, Mali, Mozambique, Myanmar, Niger, Togo, and Vietnam.
Lucia holds degrees in Rural Social Development and in Tropical Agriculture. She has written several manuals and articles on areas of her expertise and has contributed to books, including a book on Capacity Development in Practice (Acqueye-Baddoo et al 2010). She blogs on