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Mara Warwick

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Urban environment - China

I am a senior urban environment specialist in the China and Mongolia Sustainable Development Department and I have been based in the World Bank office in Beijing since 2006.  However, my passion for China and its people goes back much further, a decade and a half in fact, to the first time I lived in China in 1993.  China has changed a lot in those 15 years, but the one thing that never changes – the reason that I continue to dedicate my own professional and personal life to this country – is the unwavering energy and enthusiasm of the Chinese people to ensure that tomorrow is better than today. 

My job in the urban development sector in China provides me with immensely interesting opportunities to work on critical problems affecting the environment, livability and long-term economic viability of China’s rapidly urbanizing cities and towns.  My work ranges from urban environmental management programs such as water supply, wastewater, solid waste and flood protection, to cultural heritage preservation and tourism development (this slideshow shows an example of the latter).

On May 12, 2008, China’s western region was struck by a devastating 8.0 earthquake, the epicenter of which was located in the mountainous Wenchuan County in Sichuan Province.  The scale of the human and environmental tragedy caused by this earthquake is hard to fathom.  As part of the Bank’s global network of disaster response, I am coordinating the Bank’s contribution to the Chinese Government’s reconstruction efforts – a challenging task for the next year that I will focus on in this blog.