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Naazneen Barma

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Public sector governance

Naazneen Barma joined the World Bank in September 2007 as a Young Professional.  She is a Public Sector Specialist in the East Asia and Pacific Region, focusing on governance and civil service reform and political economy analysis.  Her work is currently oriented around implementation of the Bank's new Governance and Anticorruption Strategy in various countries in East Asia.

Naazneen has a PhD in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley.  Her dissertation was a study of the international role in post-conflict peacebuilding.  She has published articles on state- and democracy-building, international relations among non-Western nations, and innovation in emerging economies, and is the co-editor of a comparative political economy reader.  Naazneen earned her BA (International Relations and Economics) and MA (International Policy Studies) at Stanford University.  She was born and raised in Hong Kong.