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Neli Esipova

Director of Research, Global Migration and Regional Director, Gallup

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Neli Esipova is the Director of Research for Global Migration and Regional Director for Gallup’s World Poll for 29 Eastern European and former Soviet Union countries. She has led Gallup’s groundbreaking research on global migration patterns while also managing more than 200 studies on various topics in Europe and Asia. She recently expanded her area of research to include global women’s studies. Esipova frequently presents insights from her research to international audiences. She presented at numerous well-being, migration, positive psychology, and leadership conferences.

Esipova is the coauthor of more than 100 published articles. She has had several articles related to CIS region published in theHarvard International Review, including “Conflict in the Caucasus,” “Russian Muslims,” “Questions of Freedom,” “The Decisive Factor: Post-Soviet States’ Attitudes Toward NATO,” and “Inside Turkmenistan: A Glimpse at the Central Asian  Country.” As a director of global migration research, Neli also has published in Migration Letters, IOM migration research series, and she led the team thatwrote the main chapter of   IOM 2013 annual World Migration Report and IOM-Gallup 2015 How the World Views Migration report.